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Set Column Value for Selected Rows Using a Data Filter Documentation

This addin allows the user to use a data filter to make simple or complex row selections, and then specify the column to write to and the value to write to the selected rows.  While this is no different than selecting rows with a data filter, and then pasting a value into one of the selected cell, which will replicate the action to all selected rows, the addin is a more friendly method, allowing the user to select the column to be changed, and to type into an input field, the value to be written to the selected rows.

This is a great way to create a binning column for bins determined by a complex combination of columns

Here is an example using the Big Class data table:


Just specify the column to be this case a new column called "Bin" was been added to the data table.  And then use the Data Filter to do the selection.  Finally specify the value to be written to the column "Bin" for the selected rows.


Once the "Set Value" button is clicked on, the values are written to the data table



Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have saved my life and career!

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