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Read_mtb (m2j)

This addin allows you to quickly and easily import data from Minitab(r) worksheets.

Managed file formats:
- MTW (*) file saved using Minitab 16,17 or 18 and
- MWX file saved using Minitab 19.

All the languages supported by Minitab software are supported by this addin. (see video in
(*) MTW ext IS Minitab version dependent. Files saved with v < 16 are unsupported by this addin.

Require Minitab (32 or 64 bit) 18 or better 19 on board. Tested on JMP 15 and Win10 64.
A separated jsl file is added to use it in your code.

For further information, problems and new releases, please visit our website: