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Random Seed Reset

Run this add-in to set the random seed to a specified value.





  • The add-in can be used to set the random seed prior to creating a validation column, prior to simulating values (using the formula editor or the Simulator), and in many analysis platforms (run prior to launching the platform).
  • If using the DOE Custom Designer, use the built in Set Random Seed option.
  • If using Partial Least Squares in JMP Pro, use the built in Set Random Seed option for Kfold and Holdback validation.
  • Automatic cross-validation using a validation column is only available in JMP Pro.
  • The random seed does not persist across analyses (the add-in must be re-run each time using the same random seed).
  • Test when using with any analysis platform to verify that you’re seeing the same results.
  • Dec 7, 2017: There is a known problem in JMP 13 that can result in different results across different machines and operating systems.


Updated 6/4 (streamlined the use notes).

Updated 7/29 (minor code changes - added title to Panel Box() call and Names Default to Here(1))


Developed for academic/teaching purposes with BradyBrady and susan.walsh1, with jordanhiller@jmp​.


Just a reminder, per a conversation with Mia Stephens:  The Add-In works in JMP Pro and JMP.  In JMP ,the user would have to manually apply the validation column using Data Filter or Hide and Exclude.

A revised version of this add-in has been posted (7/29/2015), with some minor code adjustments (noted above).  Thanks to Sam Gardner for identifying these improvements.

RE: the Dec 7, 2017 comment
I believe the differing results only occur with a very small minority of platforms.

Does the issue with differing results still occur in JMP 14? We have been using JMP 13 to teach a course. Students get different answers using a Mac or PC (or different versions of JMP 13) which is very inconvenient for homeworks.

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