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Python Predictive Methods

The Python Predictive Methods add-in runs on an interface of JMP, SAS, and Python. Currently, only the XGBoost method is implemented in this add-in.

Every analyses that is submitted to this process starts with SAS commands that send the required information to XGBoost functions that run within the Python environment, then all results are sent back to SAS and JMP.


To use this add-in you need to comply with these requirements:

1) JMP Genomics Version 10.0 or higher; 

2) Python software;
3) XGBoost Python package.


After installing this add-in, you can access it from the JMP Genomics Starter by clicking on Add-Ins -> Python Predictive Methods -> XGBoost Regression.


More details on how to install Python and required packages can be found in the JMP Genomics Starter by clicking on Add-Ins -> Python Predictive Methods -> About.