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Staff (Retired)

Pumpkin Rush


Game: run around with the pumpkins.  It is a JMP add-in, so you can see the JSL source from view->add ins->(pick me!)->click on Home folder.  Add-ins are easy to install, just download and drop on JMP, or double click, or file->open.  You'll find it in the Add-Ins menu.


It uses the MouseBox, GraphBox, Scheduler, KDTable, Speak, MoveWindow, and the OnClose message, as well as a couple of Unicode values for markers. 

You might need to click on the field, once, before you can steer by moving the mouse (without pressing the button).  Move the mouse near the top to go forward, near the bottom to stop.  Rotate to the left or right by sliding the mouse left or right.  The white arrow/vector shows where you are headed.

Easter egg: look near the middle of the JSL for the if( 0, ... and change it to if( 1, ... to see the radar sweep effect I was playing with.