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Jul 10, 2014


This add-in will return the number of whole workdays between two dates and create a formula column containing the result.  The script automatically identifies weekends, however, holidays are read in from the included Holiday file. This file currently contains 2016 federal holidays and resides in your Addin Home directory upon installation. To edit the file:

1. Click on the View ==> Add-Ins... menu

2. Select NETWORKDAYS from your registered add-ins list

3. Click on the link to the Home Folder

4. Open the Holiday data table and add, delete, or change dates to be excluded

5. Save the file


To run the add-in: Select two date columns in your data table and then select the NETWORKDAYS item from your Add-Ins ==> Custom Functions menu.


Note that the formula column will respond to data changes, however, if a new date is added outside the original min and max dates, the NETWORKDAYS function should be rerun to account for weekend days included in the new range.


Interested in using formulas?  My journal with embedded formulas may interest you.

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