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Multi file Import from Source JSL-Code
Level IV


This Add-In replaces the fixed file name of the source script added automatically by JMP when opening a non-jmp file so it will open multiple file the same way.


How to Use

  1. Open and configure the first file you want to import.
  2. Start the AddIn.
  3. Select the table.
  4. Select the "Source" table script.
  5. Click OK



It will add a new table script or you can save it as a JSL file.


Running it, opens the file selection option and concatenate all the files.


System Configuration

Add-in developed and tested using the following system configuration:


Win10 / JMP17.2 (english version)




@Mauro_Gerber can you explain in more detail what this add-in does?  It is not clear from the description when you would use this.  

Hi @SamGardner 

When you open a text file like this sample data set, you automatically get a Source script with a fixes string of the location of the file.


If you want to import another file, you have to manually change the JSL code with edit to the new location.

The add-in now let you select this script and alter the JSL code with the following features:

  • replaces the fixed file string with the  Pick File( ... ) option so you can select the file you want to import.
  • You can select multiple files and it goes trough a for loop and concatenate them for you.

It is similar to the Import Multiple File function in JMP. But this has limited Settings you can choose from especially with PDF, excel and so on.

How I use it:

I have 20 PDF's from a measurement device I want to import. I use Open --> PDF --> and design in the wizzard (I miss Terry Pratchett...) what data I want to extract and import the first file. Then I run the add-in to make a script or add a table script and run it to import all 20 files the same way and concatenate them in one go.

I hope this helps and feel free to ask if something is unclear or you see some improvements.