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Journal Text Sledgehammer

The Journal Text Sledgehammer is a tool for bulk formatting of TextEditBoxes within journals.



To use:


  1. Open the Journal(s) you want to edit. If no journals are open, the program will inform you of this and open a new journal. 
  2. Invoke the Sledgehammer.
  3. Use the tabs provided to edit text boxes, outline boxes, or run various utilities.
  4. Make sure the journal you wish to edit is selected at the top of the Sledgehammer. As journals are added and deleted throughout the session, press the "refresh" button to update the list.
  5. Make selections with the Sledgehammer's controls to edit the journal's text properties.
  • If nothing in the journal is selected, changes will be made to ALL of the Text Boxes (or, if on the Outline Box tab, Outline Boxes) in the journal. Otherwise, changes will be made only to the selected part(s).
  • To select multiple pieces of text, right-click on each piece of text in the journal, choosing Edit...Select repeatedly until the desired blocks of text have been highlighted.
  • When you press the buttons in the Sledgehammer window, these items will be formatted accordingly.
  • Before you can use the "Apply All of the Above" button, you must make selections in all of the Sledgehammer's drop-down menus.
  • When an Outline Box has been selected in the journal, this will cause in all of its TextEditBox descendants to be modified as the Sledgehammer is used.



The sledge rules


Is anyone having issues with Slides into Journal?

Hi @wendytseng,


You have to save each slide as an image (export from PPT).


Just to add to this. I use Export as PNG and then use All slides. I have to export into a folder at the root of C:\. From there, a new folder is created and I point add-in to that folder for PNG files.


I used it recently and had no problems. I saved my slides as .jpg images and placed the needed images (I didn't need all of slides inserted to my journal)  in a folder as required by the add-in's Slides to Journal utility.  


@Chris_Kirchberg  Yeah - I cannot export to a OneDrive directory.


Thanks for this Add-In, inspired from @Jason_Wiggins 

Just record a short 2mins video to clear some of the doubts above and also sharing my experienc using it 

Thank you Brady, it's great. @brady_brady  



Soon after I post above video, realized that the picture should re-name as "Slidex" then all pictures in  





Thanks for this really nice add-in.


I have trouble inserting my slides. I exported the slides from Powerpoint in jpg in a folder and point to this folder. the first slide appear but I cannot go to the next one. This error message appear


Does any one knowing what cause this error?





@ruthhummel Ruth Hummel demos importing slides into a Journal. Watch this video starting at about time 8:22.

Hello @brady_brady ,

For some time now I've been having a problem trying to import slides into a journal. The slides are saved separately as png, I've followed the correct steps (I'm used to doing this and I've reviewed the video just in case). I also saved the folder directly in C:.


with the following error message :

" Cannot subscript Display Box in access or evaluation of 'sb[ /*###*/pictbox(2)]' , sb[/*###*/pictbox( 2 )] at line 81 in C:\Users\fraemr\AppData\Roaming\SAS\JMP\Addins\\SlidesIntoJournal.jsl "

I'm using 17.1.0 (wanted to try on v16 but I don't have access anymore).




@mgerusdurand and @Emmanuel_Romeu , the error you are seeing is most likely a result of trying to advance a slide with the journal locked. Please unlock the journal and see whether this error persists.



Hi @brady_brady 

the error persists with Lock journal unselected (or selected : it was not selected but I tried both just in case).


Hi @Emmanuel_Romeu,

Please send me your journal and your powerpoint deck via e-mail and I will investigate.




Just following up on that.
Did you manage to find the cause?







did you find the cause  I have the same problem.