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JSL Function List

The JSL Function List add-in is a great way to find and manage all of your JSL functions and expressions. 






  • View all functions and expressions currently open in your JMP session.
  • Double-click to go to the line of a function or expression.
  • Search the content of open JSL scripts.


Perfect Companion for a JMP Project

With the new JMP Projects added in JMP 14, you can now organize all of the scripts for your project into a single tabbed window. With the JSL Function List add-in, you can now go directly to your functions and expressions with ease.JSLFunctionListProject.gif


Red Triangle Options

The JSL Function List add-in offers two red triangle menu options, which are persisted to disk, so they are remembered across sessions of JMP.2018-08-10_11-53-08.png


Search Script Content

The "Search Script Content" option makes the search look in the entire script file for your search term (in addition to searching file and function/expression names).

Include Expressions

Turning off "Include Expressions" will hide expressions from the function list.

System Requirements

The JSL Function List add-in works with JMP 14 on both Windows and Mac operating sytems


Thank you, Justin. The search field is useful as well.

this only works for v14, correct?  When I try to use it in v13.2.1, it gives me an error.  I think it is the Get Window List() function that is new in V14, that this is relying on, that is cause the error.  


That is correct. I am taking advantage of that function as well as some other features that are new to JMP 14. I have updated the add-in to only install in JMP 14.



The first script I posted was Justin's and it works on JMP 13. It does not have all the functionality of the newer version, but it will easily find your function definitions.

Great stuff!  So glad to find this.

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