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JMP Add-In to Visualise Transactional Data

Simple visualisation of pairwise transactional data between 'buyers' and 'sellers':

6866_Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 08.55.17.png

The add-in requires you to select a 'buyer' and 'seller' column in a table in which each row is a single transaction.


Has anyone had success using this on version 9? It doesn't seem to load when I click on the download.

However, when I run each script separately, the data network visualization flashes and then goes away. The box is still there, but the information in it disappears fast.

I would really like to use this. Thanks.


No I am sorry but the jmpaddin will not work with your version of JMP as it was developed for JMP version 11 or newer.



Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know of an alternative to use (etc R package?)

Can buyers also be sellers in the same data table?  I have a table of message traffic where the senders can also be receivers.

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