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Interactive Binning

Note: An improved version of this add-in by @brady_brady is available here.


Interactive Binning JMP Add-In

Written by Jeff Perkinson

with thanks to Joseph Morgan and Ian Cox


6560_Interactive Binning.png

Interactive Binning lets you create discrete groups from continuous data. The histogram shows the distribution of values for your variable. Cutpoints are shown by the vertical red lines and in the table below the histogram.


Click and drag the handle near top the cutpoint line to move the cutpoint. Drag a cutpoint out of the graph to the left or right to delete it.


The first group is all the data less than or equal to the first cutpoint. The last group is all data higher than the last cutpoint. The righthand side of the interval is always less than or equal.


6561_Interactive Binning2.png


Name the groups using the Groups Names fields. Leave them blank to name the groups with the range values.


If you delete the only cutpoint, it will reset to the center of the range of the data.




These options are available under the red triangle menu.


6562_Interactive Binning3.png


Set Cutpoints at Percentiles...


6563_Interactive Binning4.png

This option will clear the current cutpoints and new cutpoints at the percentile specified.


Percentiles must be between 1 and 50.



Set Cutpoints at Mean +/- Std Deviation


6564_Interactive Binning5.png


This option will clear the current cutpoints and set new cutpoints at the mean and standard deviation intervals around the mean.



Clear Cutpoints


The clear cutpoints command will remove all custom cutpoints and return the default cutpoint at the center of the range of the data.


Save Group Column

Use this command to create a new column in the data table with a formula to bin your data into groups.


6565_Interactive Binning6.png

Leave the group names blank you get names based on the range of the interval.



Other Options


The usual options from the Distribution platform are available from the red triangle menu above the histogram. These may help you set cutpoints. For example, you may want to look at the quantiles or the Normal Quantile plot.





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