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Imputation Addin

​This add-in performs imputation for missing values. It allows grouping, trimming and Winsorizing as pre-processing steps, and can impute any of several statistics. Help is available by clicking the various "?" buttons in the dialog.


Here are the imputation methods supported by the addin:




I am attempting to use your addon, but upon selecting it from the Add-Ins menu, get a disclaimer from SAS. Upon clicking ok, the addon fails to load. Any suggestions?

Hello Benson,

I just downloaded the addin and took a look. I am not sure what may be the issue. Is anything being written to the log when you try to access it? The script should run as soon as you click the "OK" on the disclaimer.

Which version of JMP are you running? The addin does require JMP 11 or later.



When I try to install the Imputation Add-in, I receive a message stating that it's not a valid Win32 application.  Is there a way to get around this?

Thank you!

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