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Gantt Chart Add-In

This add-in uses JMP's Graph Builder platform to provide project managers and other JMP users with a Gantt chart which will clearly organize and illustrate a project's work breakdown structure.

This add-in will produce a Gantt chart once a user specifies columns from a data table for the following roles: the names of the tasks in the project, the start dates of those tasks (in date format), and either the date that the task is scheduled to end or the length of the task (in days, weeks, months, or quarters).  Additional roles which are optional include: percent of task completed (for a shading effect), a grouping column, and an ordering column (although by default the chart is ordered by start dates from earliest to latest).  An example of the add-in's dialog window is shown below:


Below is an image of what a Gantt chart depicting a fictional software release cycle might look like. This chart is shown in Graph Builder and was created with the Gantt chart add-in.


Tips for Best Results:

  • Please provide column names with a character format (i.e. do not use "% done").
  • Populate the "percent done" column with a number between 0-100, do not format these as actual percentages.
  • Notice that new columns in the data table may be created. These will be named and referenced by the add-in with the names "enddate" (if not provided),"donedate", "tasklength", etc., avoid use of these names with your data table.  Delete these columns if you plan to use the data table with the add-in another time.
  • Notice that the values in created columns will be recalculated by a formula as other values/dates are changed.  This will make changes in the Gantt chart you are viewing.
  • See the example data tables attached to see formats compatible with the add-in.

Updates to this add-in will be available on the JMP File Exchange as more features are introduced.

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