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Distribution Calculator


Hello JMP Team! 


@PatrickGiuliano here: Has anyone thought to put the Distribution Calculator.jsl on JMP Public?  Would it be possible for someone with Public to post this so that it is widely available to not just Public users but also anyone accessing the web??  


I think this tool is a fantastic implementation for understanding and deepening one's own foundation in distributional models in statistics (it works in a practical and dynamically intuitive way).  You don't need to lookup a given distribution shape or struggle to understand how it changes as a function of its input parameters anymore:  You can also specify the distribution parameters from your own data, which can be helpful for decision-making purposes (for example, when determining the best-fit distribution after surveying AICs and QQ-Plots) when evaluating process performance for non-normal process outputs. 



You can calculate tail areas as well, or even values on a "standard normal distribution" (specify µ=0, σ = 1) - where you would otherwise have to get from those tables at the back of old statistical textbooks!



For those of you who have not yet used this tool, go to Help > Sample Data > Teaching Scripts > Interactive Teaching Modules > Distribution Calculator.



You can also access this by clicking on "Open the Sample Scripts Directory" (also Under Help  > Sample Data).

Double Click on the File "Interactive Demos".  You can access the calculator from here:


Pro Tip: Once you access the calculator (.jsl script) from here, it will show up in your JMP history on the Home Window and you can "Pin" it for easy access in the future.



I'm linking the applet documentation:

Also credit to JMP folks @brady_brady  and @julian  for programming this.