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Data Cleaning Script Assistant

This add-in makes it easy to create repeatable scripts that perform common data cleaning tasks. It will be particularly helpful for newer scripters who are unfamiliar with JSL conventions and syntax. It contains four point-and click tools:


  1. Victor the Cleaner: A GUI for renaming, reordering, and deleting columns, as well changing their data types and modeling types
  2. Format Copier: Generates JSL for assigning formats to selected columns
  3. Property Copier: Generates JSL for assigning column properties to selected columns
  4. Subset Selected Rows: Generates JSL for subsetting the selected rows of the current data table





For more details, see the Help document in the add-in menu.


7/15/2020: Update to v1.1 with 4th tool, "Subset Selected Rows"


Great tool, Jordan!

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