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Custom Map Creator

The Custom Map Creator add-in allows you to easily create custom shapes used by Graph Builder. This add-in creates two tables to define the shapes, an XY table and a Name table. Search for "Create Map Shapes" in the JMP Help for more information on these two tables and how to use them.


To start creating your custom map shapes, launch the add-in through the menu items Add-Ins -> Map Shapes -> Custom Map Creator. Two tables will open in the background followed by the Custom Map Creator GUI. If you have a table that you've previously worked within the Custom Map Creator, open it by clicking the Open Map button and skip to step 4. Otherwise,


1. Drag the background image into the graph frame.

2. Preform any resizing on the background image and graph frame.

3. Name your table.

4. Click Next.

5. Name the shape that you are about to define. For example, if you are modeling the United States, a good shape name is the state name.

6. Within the graph frame, use your mouse to click all of the boundaries of the shape that you want to define. A line will appear connecting all of the boundary points. Note that you do not need to connect the final two boundary points; the add-in will automatically do that for you.


7. As soon as you finish defining the boundaries of the shape, click Next Shape or Next Part. a. Next shape will start a new shape. b. Next part will start a new part. Parts are defined as the physically separated objects within the shape. For example, if you are defining Hawaii, parts should be used to model each island.

8. The line size and color can be changed. In addition, checking fill shapes will fill each shape with a random color.

9. As soon as you are done, click Finish or Finish with Random Data. Finish with Random Data will open Graph Builder with random data values. This is used to quickly see the end result.


Easy to use!

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