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Convert CDISC ISO8601 Character Date to Numeric

This add-in converts a CDISC ISO8601 character variable into a separate numeric date or date-time variable that can make filtering easier. For the current data table, the add-in only lists the available character variables that end in DTC, which would include all date-time fields in CDISC domains. The sample data set is not CDISC, but it allows you to get a sense of how the add-in works.


Window Capture.png


Running the above on the following table


Window Capture2.png


will create a numeric version of the column


Window Capture3.png


Creating a data filer on the numeric date allows you to select a range of dates.


Window Capture4.png


Compare this to a filter on the character version of the date that only allows for selecting specific dates.


Window Capture5.png


Why the current formula option in JMP Pro has the ability to do this that usually requires creating new columns and using the appropriate formulas to generate the date or datetime value desire. The Add-in gives us an added edge to making this process simple and quick.

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