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Compress to Labeled Code

For long character category variables in a large file, you can save space by using a code for the category, and using a value label for the long label. You specify a character column, click Select, and it makes the new column, named after the selected column with " Code" added to it. It is typically used to save space or improve load or analysis time, which typically takes longer for character variables.

2016-06-13:  Updated Add-in to support multiple column selection.


When I try to use this, I get an error message:


Also, in the previous version, the coded version did not pick up the value ordering, so the numbered codes were not in the correct order (the numbered codes were in the alpha order of the labels, rather than the meaningful order, which I set with "value ordering". It would be so great if the script would use the value ordering property!

Hi!  Interesting error - can you share a data set that I can use to reproduce the error?

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