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Bulk Concatenate Add-in

If you have several tables that need to be concatenated to a single table, you may not want to have all of the tables open at one time. This add-in can concatenate all tables you select without opening them all at once. In fact, you never see the tables as they are opened and closed in the background.

This should work for all file type that JMP can open without any import settings.


When you launch the add-in from the Add-ins menu (Add-Ins > Bulk Concatenate), you will be asked to select files to be concatenated.Select all the tables you would like to concatenateSelect all the tables you would like to concatenate

After selecting files, you will be asked if you have any additional files to concatenate. This is asked just in case you have files that live in different locations that need to be concatenated together.Click Yes to be prompted to select additional tables. Click No to concatenate the files already selected.Click Yes to be prompted to select additional tables. Click No to concatenate the files already selected.After clicking No, the add-in will concatenate all selected tables together with a source column.

Output TableOutput Table









I know this is a year + old, but this has just saved me TIME and thinking power! THANK YOU

Thanks for the kind words @kwmcm!

If you have JMP 14, you might consider checking out the new multiple file import feature. It's available under File > Import Multiple Files on Windows and File > Open Multiple on Mac.


Hi Justin! I was playing around with that feature, but the way we have our excel sheets set up (to be updated soon!) it kept pulling the first tab, and I was looking for the second tab. It may be helpful down the road, but this Add In has been amazingly helpful!!! Thanks! Katie

What if all the data tables dont have the same numbers of columns?

@Faisal_MEM I haven't found that to be an issue. I concatenate data table that have some extra columns, and  they usually get put on the end.

Hope that helps!

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