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Level II

Blind Analysis for Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology

Blind Analysis for DOE and RSM

In Blind Analysis, you need to hide the answer from the analyst to avoid accidental bias.  This script helps you accomplish this for DOE and RSM.  For more details, please see the book, "Blind Analysis for Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology," by William D. Kappele.

Disguising the Design

Once data have been collected you will need to disguise your design. Simply use the “Disguise” command:11169_chapter 5 data.png11170_chapter 5 column select.png

This will produce an Analysis Key and a Disguised Design:

11177_chapter 5 analysis key.png11178_chapter 4 disguised design.png

Analyzing the Design

The analyst needs to save his final analysis as a script:

11179_chapter 5 save analysis script.png

Revealing the Analysis

When the analyst returns the disguised design, you can reveal the analysis:

11180_example 3 reveal analysis.png11181_chapter 5 blindfold.png

Now you just need to run the Fit Model script and Maximize Desirability to find a Sweet Spot.

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