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Add-in to copy graph without window background

This add-in adds a menu item (under the Add-ins menu) to copy the currently selected item in JMP without the default window background. This is especially useful when copying graphical output to a document with a white background (such as publications and websites).

Instructions for use:

1. Install add-in by double-clicking downloaded file.

2. Select a graph using the selection tool (fat plus sign).

3. Select "Copy without background" from add-in menu.

4. Paste graphic to desired program.

7022_background.png   vs 7023_nobackground.png

Thanks a lot that is a great help!

Hi @julian ,

Thanks for the add-in, this definitely helps.

I have noticed JMP15 automatically copies the background although JMP14 did not, do you know if this is on purpose or if it is a bug that will be fixed?




 @rcookie I guess it is due to a preference setting in JMP (though I guess the add-in tries to set it?):transparentBackground.JPG






















Does changing this setting change something with the output too?

@martindemel yes it is, perfect!

I'm not sure the add-in actually sets this preference, but in any case this setting does remove the background even for other image formats than PNG (windows metafile for example).

Thanks for your help


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