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Add-in To Support Auto-Validation Workflow

This little add-in takes care of setting up a data table for an analysis involving the Auto-validation technique put forward by @chris_gotwalt1  and @philramsey  at the 2018 JMP Discovery Summit Series (link to the paper and materials)


After installation, the add-in is run by selecting Add-ins > Autovalidation Set-up in JMP.  The Add-in looks for an open data table and then creates a copy with the required formatting to run the workflow.



It doesn't support jmp pro 13

Correct. I didn’t test it on anything older than 14, so I capped the Addin to only work on v14 and newer.



I wonder if you could help me make it work with jmp pro 13.thanks in advance



Hi, Ibrahim!

I think it would be a better course to update to the current release. JMP 13 is two versions behind now and it looks like the support for that version is fairly limited:

Unless there’s something out of the ordinary about your license or install situation, an upgrade should be included in your license agreement (you’ll need to check with the person who handles your company’s JMP license or your JMP Rep to be sure). JMP Technical support ( can give you the names and contact info for either of those people.



Thanks a lot


Hi @MikeD_Anderson 

Is this to be added to JMP Pro 16 which will be released next week or we still need to install the Add-in?


Hi, @Amir_H  - I haven't seen anything to indicate that it is.  So you'll probably need to use the add-in.