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Lost Sales Case Study

The Lost Sales case study and data sets.


Download the case study
Download the data set - 1
Download the data set - 2

Logistic Regression:

Determine whether certain conditions make it more likely that a customer order will be won or lost.

JMP features demonstrated:

Analyze > Distribution, Analyze > Fit Y by X (Contingency), Analyze > Fit Y by X (Logistic), Analyze > Fit Model (Nominal Logistic), and Prediction Profiler (from Fit Model)

Statistical/graphical tools used:

Bar charts and frequency distributions, mosaic plots, contingency tables (cross tabs), chi-squared tests, logistic regression, predicted values and confusion matrix.

6665_Lost Sales.png

This collection of business case studies was provided by Marlene Smith at the UC Denver Business School. Lost sales data provided by North Haven Group, LLC.

Note:  Updated to JMP 12 May 13, 2015.