JSM 2015 Tutorial - Interactive Model Building with JMP Pro

Materials used in the Interactive Model Building with JMP Pro tutorial provided by clay.barker, michael@jmp, and mia.stephens at JSM 2015.

In this tutorial, we covered:

- The Modeling Process
- Building Predictive Models in JMP Pro
- Classification and Regression Trees
- Model Crossvalidation
- Advanced Tree Methods
- Penalized Regression Techniques

A pdf of the slides, and the Boston property assessment data set used throughout the tutorial, are attached.  Other data sets used during the session (for example, Diabetes.jmp) can be found in the sample data library in JMP under the Help menu.

Additional details on the advanced modeling methods covered in this session can be found in the book Specialized Models (in JMP, under Help > Books).

Clay's full penalized regression slide deck, and a version of the diabetes data with a validation column and saved scripts, are also attached.  Thanks for sharing Clay!



Clay's complete slide deck (pdf) on penalized regression has been added.

Clay (clay.barker) has added a version of the Diabetes.jmp data with a validation column and saved scripts - diabetesOverfit.jmp.  Its not mentioned in the slides, but Clay notes that the lasso model in JMP Pro, moved back to just 3 terms, still outperforms the OLS model!  Give it a try!

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