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May 28, 2014

Collection: Teaching Regression Modeling and Analysis with JMP

This video provides a brief introduction to regression modeling in JMP (note that validation and penalized regression methods, show in the video, are only available in JMP Pro).  Scroll down to see resources for teaching regression analysis.


A variety of resources have been created for teaching regression concepts, regression analysis and modeling in JMP.  These include:

  1. One page guides and short videos
  2. Case studies 
  3. Introductory lab activities
  4. Teaching scripts - Open and run these in JMP
  5. Webinars and course materials

One page guides and videos (the complete set of guides and videos can be found at the JMP Learning Library):

Case Studies (the complete collection of case studies can be found in the Case Study Library):

 Lab Activities (for the complete set of lab activities go here):

Scripts  (Note: Additional scripts for teaching regression concepts are in the JMP Sample Data directory, under the help menu):

Webinars and Course Materials:

Course Materials:

Advanced modeling - Generalized Regression (Lasso, Elastic Net, and Ridge):




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