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May 28, 2014

Collection: Resources for Teaching Predictive Modeling

A variety of resources have been created for teaching predictive modeling in JMP Pro.  We've collected links to resources here, and will add more as they become available. 



This collection includes:

  1. One page guides and short videos
  2. Case studies 
  3. Scripts and add-ins - Open and run these in JMP
  4. Books (with additional resources)
  5. Webinars and course materials
  6. Advanced modeling - Generalized Regression (Elastic Net, Lasso, Ridge)

One page guides and short videos (the complete set of guides and videos can be found at the JMP Learning Library):

Correlation and Regression

Multivariate Methods

Data Mining

Case Studies (the complete collection of case studies can be found in the Case Study Library):

From the Business Case Library

From the Analytics Case Library

Scripts and add-Ins (Additional scripts for teaching regression concepts are in the JMP Sample Data directory, under the help menu):


Webinars and Journals (for a complete collection of webinars, go here):

Course Materials:

Advanced modeling - Generalized Regression (Lasso, Elastic Net, and Ridge):