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Collection: Data Mining Tools Add-Ins

Several add-ins have been created for use in data mining or business analytics courses taught using JMP Pro. Links to these add-ins on the are provided here. Use notes and background information for the add-ins are provided on the individual pages.


Random Seed Reset

Run this add-in to set the random seed to a specified value prior to creating a validation column or running an analysis.  Note:  the ability to set the random seed has been added to several platforms in JMP 13 Pro.


Stratified Data Partitioning (with balancing options) add-in

Split a dataset into train/validate/test partitions, with options for rebalancing the proportions in relation to a focal group. Useful, for example, in oversampling an event that is rare in the original data.


Alternate Cut-off Confusion Matrix Add-In

Specify a cut-off value or a range of values to generate a new confusion matrix for a binary response variable.  Note:  The Profit Matrix in JMP 13 Pro can also be used to change the cutoff for classification.


Interactive Binning (V2)

Create discrete groups from continuous data, with an option to manually edit the cutpoints of the bins.


Informative Missing Coding

Informative Missing is available in JMP Pro. This creates the informative missing columns in the data table.  Note:  Informative Missing is also a column property, and is an option in modeling platforms.


Make Indicator (Dummy) Variables

Make Indicator Columns is available in JMP Pro.  This creates 0/1 dummy coded variables for each level of the selected variable.  Note:  This option has been added as a column utility in JMP 12.


Create Time Series Validation Column

An add-in to partition a time series into Training and Validation sets.  The add-in creates a new column, "Validation".  Instructions for using this Validation column to manually validate a time series model are provided.