AP Statistics Resource Center

This AP Statistics Resource Center includes a variety of resources for teaching AP Statistics with JMP Student Edition.

To request JMP SE and these resources for participants in AP Summer Institutes or workshops, please contact JMP Academic's Mia Stephens or Curt Hinrichs.  

For information on JMP SE, including information on how to get JMP SE for your school, visit jmp.com/student.

A variety of resources for learning and teaching with JMP SE have been developed:

  • JMP AP Statistics One Page Guides: Guides for performing particular tasks within JMP SE are attached. Links to all of the guides, along with videos, are available at the JMP Learning Library.
  • Quick Guide SE:  Keystrokes and paths for performing graphical and statistical tasks in JMP SE (see attached).
  • JMP Introductory Lab Activities (JILA): Classroom activities, which provide step-by-step instructions and guidance on the exploration and application of statistical methods covered in AP Statistics courses. Links to each lab activity, along with instructor resources, are available here.

New teaching resources included in JMP SE 12 include:

  • Teaching Demos:  JMP Applets for teaching core statistical concepts: sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing for means and proportions, plus probability distributions, regression, and t-Test and ANOVA.  In JMP SE 12 the modules are under Help > Teaching Demos. If you're using JMP SE 10, these applets are available as an add-in.  For more information and videos, go here: Collection: Interactive Teaching Modules.
  • Statistics Calculators: Calculators for confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and sample size for means and proportions, using either summary statistics or raw data. In JMP SE 12 these calculators are found under Help > Calculators. If you're using JMP SE 10, or for more information, go here: Statistics Calculators Addin.

Materials from the 2016 AP Statistics Workshops can be found at: JMP AP Statistics Workshops with Daren Starnes and JMP AP Statistics Workshop With Chris Olsen.

Visit jmp.com/teach for additional resources, including case studies, getting started videos, books with JMP, and more, or search the for additional teaching tools.