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Irish SAS JMP User Group - JSL Workshop - 03 Nov 2015

The Irish SAS JMP User Group had their JSL Workshop, hosted by Abbott Vascular, Clonmel, on the 03 Nov 2015.

The workshop was delivered by Dave Burnham (Dave@Pega-Analytics​) and was a great success.

Tom O'Hara from Abbott Vascular, Clonmel summarises the event.....thanks Tom, Dave and all the participants.


The JSL workshop that took place today at Abbott Vascular was a great success.  It was attended by 15 people (7 external, and 8 Abbott Vascular participants).  The JSL experience of the participants was mixed.  Dave indicated that this is usually the case when he presents this workshop.  He emphasised that it was a workshop, not a training course at the outset.

Dave did a very good job showing participants what was possible using JSL. I found that the first four topics were very useful, and most of the Abbott Vascular folks who attended also indicated this.  In particular, I think he did a great job showing how to leverage JMP generated scripts, and modifying these to make them reusable.  The session on reading in data was also very good.  The remaining topics (Navigating Reports, and Iterative Analytics) were more technically challenging.  However, Dave worked through some good examples to illustrate these.   

Overall, I found the course very useful, and it was pitched at the right level given the mixed background of the participants.  

Abbott Vascular was delighted to host the workshop.  It was a great opportunity for so many Abbott Vascular employees to attend and experience first-hand what’s possible using JSL. Thank you for organising the event, and a big thank you to Dave for doing a splendid job showing us what can be achieved using JSL.  

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