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Using the New Window Function

Started ‎11-08-2022 by
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So, suppose you want to create a report that includes objects or display boxes that aren't part of a standard set of display boxes in a JMP platform, or maybe you want to create a report using values your script harvested from a JMP platform, but organized differently. Well, you use the New Window function to create a new window and then construct display boxes inside that window. The New Window function actually creates a report layer, and returns an object reference to it, so you can store the reference in a variable. For example, the code shown here creates a simple report with an outline item that contains two columns, organized by a table box. The report layer object reference is stored in the variable nWin, so you could send messages to it. For example, you could send a message to save it as a journal, change the window size, or close the window, to name just a few of the messages that this object can respond to. When you write a script to create a custom report, it's a good idea to start by visualizing what you want the final report to look like. What elements do you want to include, and where or how will your script get those elements? How do you want the report elements organized? Vertically? Horizontally? Using tabs? What kinds of display boxes will that organization require? Do you want to include live platforms? Add a custom menu? This kind of up-front planning will make the process of writing your script a lot easier.