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Overview of JMP Platforms

Started ‎11-08-2022 by
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JMP provides your analyses and plots through objects called platforms. Examples of platforms include Distribution, Bivariate, Fit Least Squares, and Graph Builder. JMP platforms combine related functionality and procedures. And you launch platforms with either the default settings, or with user preferences. After a platform is launched, a user can interact with it to further refine their analysis. Every JMP platform object is composed of two layers: the analysis layer and the report layer. The analysis layer is responsible for performing the analytical procedures. This layer responds to messages such as the commands in the platform menu, which is the menu that appears when you click a red triangle. The report layer is responsible for presenting results and information. The elements that make up the report layer respond to a different set of special messages -- for example, the menus that appear when you right-click in a report window.