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Concatenating Tables

Started ‎11-08-2022 by
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What if you want to add one or more data tables to an existing table? For example, maybe the raw data are stored in different tables for different groups, or for different periods of data collection, and you want to have a single table with all the rows together. You can send the Concatenate message to a data table to create a new table that has the data from one or more other data tables appended to it. You specify the data table reference or references for the tables you want to concatenate, and you can optionally specify the name for the new data table that contains the concatenated data. If you don't want to create a separate data table, you can append the data tables in place by using the Append To First Table argument. So for example, the code shown here concatenates the data in the Poultry Hot Dogs data table to the data in the Beef Hot Dogs data table, creating a new data table named HD Cals.