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Community Ranks

What are Community Ranks?

The JMP User Community uses a ranking system to recognize and reward members who actively participate, as well as help users quickly evaluate the status of another user. Ranks are displayed next to the profile name on posts. 


Since ranks represent the contribution that a member has made to the Community, members can learn a lot about another member by checking out their rank. Generally, members with higher ranks are more active, contribute popular posts and provide helpful solutions.


How can I move up in rank?

As you spend more time in the Discussions area, engaging in positive conversations and helping other members, your rank will progress. While we can’t give away the exact formulas, members move up ranks based on several factors, including time as a member, number of posts made and quality of posts. When you first visit the Community, you will be designated as a New Member. As you start exploring the Community, you can progress to Visitor, Reviewer, and Explorer (in that order). Once you’ve become an Explorer, as you continue to engage with your peers and contribute content, your Rank Levels (Level I-XV) will increase.


Here are some examples of what you can do to rise through the ranks:

  • Initiate conversations about JMP.
  • Participate in ongoing discussions.
  • Submit answers that are accepted as solutions to other Community members' questions.
  • Garner Kudos on high-quality posts you have written.
  • Give Kudos on helpful posts you come across.


Your engagement and the helpfulness of your interactions determine just how fast and far your journey beyond New Member goes.


Thanks I've always wondered about the ranking.

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