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About JMP Super Users

The JMP User Community is the world’s most empowering site for JMP professionals. It’s where JMP customers and fans get advice and help on everything from JMP platforms, model building, work flow, and visualizations.


Among the many members of JMP User Community, some are Super Users—they go above and beyond to help others by contributing to topic discussions, providing solutions, sharing ideas, and pointing JMP folks in the right direction. The Super User program recognizes these top Users and their awesome contributions to the community.


How Do You Become a JMP Super User?

Super Users abilities come naturally. They show up and dive in to help! We recognize as JMP Super Users, those who have already earned their skills through their top-shelf community contributions.


On top of sharing their technical know-how, Super Users stand out by setting the positive, empowering tone that people love about the JMP User Community.


Our community managers recommend invite new Super Users into the program based on a few metrics and recommendations.


JMP Super User Program Guidelines

By joining the Super User program, Community Members agree to follow the JMP Super User program guidelines:


  • Respect. Be respectful in the way you communicate.​​ This is not a place to trash JMP software or staff. There are channels for that. You can, of course, explain what JMP can and cannot do. However, avoid making negative comments if they’re not helpful or constructive.
  • Respond. Help others in the JMP User Community. Engage in a variety of Discussion boards a few times a week to answer questions, point people to the resources they need, and provide feedback to community members who ask for it.
  • Interact. JMP Super Users interact with others in a positive, constructive, and kind way. These positive contributions inspire others to be helpful and generous in turn.
  • Care. Many community members are beginners. And for these new users, asking for feedback can be super intimidating! Super Users provide helpful feedback while welcoming and encouraging new members.
  • Share. JMP Super Users share their knowledge freely, with no hidden agenda. They empower others and nurture the community by sharing feedback, examples, and expertise.  

​Thanks for being here and if you have any questions about the JMP Super Users program, just connect with any JMP Community Manager for more information.

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