Moving from a culture of firefighting to a culture of analytics

For the last 3 decades companies have solved the most complex R&D issues using JMP. But what we still encounter in most companies is, that R&D and Process Engineers are in a constant firefighting mode. Not one meeting that doesn’t get interrupted by at least one call from a production site because a batch is running out of spec.

Even though you`ve documented the process well, it comes back to you over and over again. Preventing you doing the work you`re expected to do: developing new products and processes. And after months and years no one can expect that you remember how you came up with the conclusions you`ve documented in the process description. Or worst case the colleague that developed the process has moved on and is no longer available to answer your questions.

We would like to show you how you can improve collaboration and use digital transformation to your advantage and move from a culture of firefighting to a culture of analytics by decentralizing knowledge and distributing insights within your organization.

Learn how to collaborate with your colleagues in production so they can decide which measures they need to take when a factor has changed so the batch will stay in spec without having you to re-do all the investigation. See how JMP will make your company a remembering organization where it is easy to build consensus based on data, insights and facts. Not opinions.


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