J(u)MP away from Excel

Spreadsheets are familiar tools, which are relatively simple to use. However, the downside is that they result in fragmented thinking. Getting the information needed to make decisions can prove difficult if you have to take care of a complex process of many process parameters.

Learn how to augment your existing tools and processes for exploratory data analysis to uncover information and trends you might miss from using spreadsheets alone.

We believe, that the software you use not only shapes what you learn from your data; it shapes the questions you ask! Learn how to ask questions based on your data!


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Re: J(u)MP away from Excel

I can only agree, thanks.

I'm using JMP more and more, and I really Need the power of tools that JMP offers.


But currently I think About the People who could use JMP, but are overwhelmed by the complexity of JMP, so the first step is the most difficult, target is to feel comfortable with what you are doing in JMP (I remember very well, when I was in that Situation Feeling not comfortable doing the first steps).

I'm now asking myself, can I recommend users to use and learn jmp, if they only Need a very small part of it (Graphbuilder, Tabulate)?

I think yes, because the more People use the same tool in a Company, the more efficient everyone will be.


I would be interested in any experience from other People on this Question.


Re: J(u)MP away from Excel

Hi Georg,

Danke für das Eröffnen der Diskussion! Ich denke gerade der Graphbuilder hilft vielen Excel-Anwendern schneller zu visualisieren und erste Zusammenhänge zu erkennen. Das wäre mein Tipp für jeden Excel Anwender. Importiere die Daten (vielleicht hier durch bereitgestellte automatische Skripte) und nutze den Graph Builder. Ignoriere erstmal die anderen Plattformen.

Bin auch gespannt, was andere dazu sagen.
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