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what does 'current data table (dt)' do, why doesn't it work

This is a really basic question.

I have two data sets open in JMP, one called CONTROL and one called RELEASE.  In the script, CONTROL has just been created so it is the current data set.  I want to switch the current data set to RELEASE. 

I use the following command: 

Current Data Table (RELEASE);

This piece of code is straight out of the JMP scripting guide.  However, it doesn't work.  when I subsequently run the command:

Col Number(sample_type);

where 'sample_type' is variable in both data sets, it keeps returning the number of rows from CONTROL not the number of rows in RELEASE.  In other words, JMP still things the current data table is CONTROL.  It assumes that the  'Col Number()' function is operating on CONTROL, not RELEASE.  How do I get JMP to recognize RELEASE as the current or default data set?

Current Data Table (RELEASE);


Super User


Jul 13, 2011

The Current Data Table function expects to receive a table reference


dtR = Open ( "" );

dtC = Open( "" );

Current Data Table( dtR );

You can not write:

Current Data Table( Release )

unless 'Release' is a variable that contains a table reference.

If you dont have a table reference then you can create one using the Data Table function

e.g.  dtR = Data Table("Release");

or you can write

Current Data Table( Data Table( "Release" ) )

where "Release" is the name of the table that you wish to make the current data table