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select current data table


Community Trekker


Oct 19, 2015


I am using a small jmp_addin to add spec limits info to selected columns.  Anyways, the problem I run into is that whenever I run it, it always grabs the latest data table that was open, even if I am running the addin from a different there a way to highlight to the jmp_addin that I am trying to run script from the selected data table?  I thought currentdatatable would do this, but again it seems it always works on latest data table open, and sometimes I need to change/add specs to an already open table...

Thanks in advance!

dt = currentdatatable();

table=list("Spec1", "Spec2", "Spec3" );

r = Column Dialog(

Spec = Col List( "Columns to add Spec" ),

v list ("Select Product Spec Table", rb = Combo Box( table()))


dtedc = open("C:\myData\ADDIN\Spec Limit\"||table[r["rb"]]||".jmp",invisible);

for ( i=1, i<=N Items(r["Spec"]),i++,

for (j=1, j<= nrows(dtedc), j++,

if(as Name(r["Spec"]) == as Name(dtedc:Parameter),




Column(dt, r["Spec"]) << set property("spec limits",

  {LSL( l), Target( t ), USL( u ), Show Limits(1)}



  Expr( l ), dtedc:LSL,

  Expr( t ), dtedc:Target,

  Expr( u ), dtedc:USL






close(dtedc, nosave);