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repeated-measures ANCOVA: How to perform the analysis when the parallel slope assumpt. doesn't meet?

Hi all,

I need to perform the ANCOVA for a repeated-measures design.


I tried to adapt the Julian's ANCOVA procedure showed on the to my study case (repeated-measures design). Initially, I did the following actions:


1. In the Fit Y by X dialogue: I selected VAR_Y as "Y, Response" and VAR_X as "X, Factor";

2. For "Group by" I selected the variable Timepoint;

3. Density Ellipse: I selected .50;

4. Then I clicked on "Fit Line".


JMP plotted a line for each timepoint and some of them crossed other lines. So, the parallel slope assumption did not met. So, how can I handle with it and perform the ANCOVA?


Thank you!


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