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? repeated measure ANOVA or a different test. ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE !!

I'm trying to analyse some data but I'm not sure if I'm using the correct test - I'd be very grateful for some advice from someone who does know !

I have 5 subjects. In a cross-over design each subject was exposed to each of the 4 treatments (test meals using 4 different types of bread). I have data on insulin response for 6 different time points following each meal. My main question is does the insulin response differ at any time point between the 4 treatments (breads).

I've been using a repeated measure ANOVA in Jmp (Fit model - insulin at each of the 6 time points in Y - Subject and Bread in construct model effects. Then 'time' in specification of repeated measures).

What I'm not sure about is does this take account of the cross-over design and that each meal is repeated in each subject - ie. it's not 20 seperate test meals in 20 subjects - it's 20 test meals in 5 subjects.

If this is the correct test, which p-value answer my question ?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
Staff (Retired)

Re: ? repeated measure ANOVA or a different test. ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE !!

If you go to the Help pulldown menu and type "Repeated Measures" in the search field you will be directed to a section in the manuals that will guide you through your analysis.