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how to use log scale on y axis of pareto plot?


Community Trekker


Jan 15, 2014

how to use log scale on y axis of pareto plot?

I included my data and plot script. I was not able to change the y axis to log scale, I guess JMP did not enable it in background, just like the history of distribution plot.

any approaches to work around?




Jun 25, 2014

Hi robust1972,

It does look like the scale in the pareto plot platform is locked to linear, as it is in distribution like you mentioned. If you're interested in the plot itself (rather than the additional functionality of the Pareto plot platform), and you're willing to give up the cumulative percentage line, you could use graph builder with the following steps:

- Drag Class to X

- Drag N Rows to Y

- Select Bar Chart

- To order bars by count, drag "N Rows" on top of "class" on x-axis

- To select descending order, right click X-axis label on top of "(ascending)" and then uncheck Ascending

- Double click Y axis and set scale to Log

Below is also a video with these steps. I hope this helps at least a little bit!