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Level I

how to read the output from Johnson-Neyman plot and floodlight analyisis?


I have got an add-in from to implement floodlight analysis through Johnson-Neyman Plot.


according to the table of the example from the linkage above;


what does "_c" mean? such as "meaning_c" and overwhelming_c"?


focus on my own study, I got a moderator called "SE" which is a continuous variable, and an independent variable which is a categorical variable with 2 levels, i dummied as "0" and "1".

just a quick question about the significant boundary, my output shows that "The simple slope of dummy_c passes from significance to non-significance when average SE_c equals -6.459 and -0.231. The simple slope of dummy_c is significant outside of these two values." why the significant boundary is a negative value (i.e., -6.459 and -0.231). the average SE measured through 11-bipolar scales is generally positive value. moreover, what does "_c" in "average SE_c" or "dummy_c" mean ?


best wishes, Rongyu