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convert day of week from date string




Jun 23, 2011


Newbie question.

I have the following date string 14-Jan-2010 and I would like to get the day of week
from this string. Should I use the formula editor or write a script.

I tried using the he formula editor "day of week" but I get an error.
The error might have to do with the format of the date string.

I think I need to parse the string and then determine what day of the week it is i.e. Sunday (or 1), Monday (or 2) etc...

Does anyone have a script to do this? Or formula?

Thanks in advance.

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Fortunately, JMP can automatically read the date format: 14-Jan-2010. But it needs to be converted to a number first. The num() function (Character --> Num) will do that for you. Your formula will look like:
Day Of Week( Num( :Column 1 ) )