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calling JMP from command line without GUI

Usage Note 33383 gives flags for linux version of JMP that allows it to be called without opening the gui, eg
%jmp --no-gui /path/to/JSL_script.jsl

are there analogous command line flags for windows?

the following works but opens the gui

"C:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\8\jmp.exe" test.jsl
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Re: calling JMP from command line without GUI

Hi GH,

For Windows there is no equivalent command to disable the JMP GUI, unlike the -no-gui option you mentioned that is available for Linux.

On Windows JMP takes only one argument, and that is the path to the JSL script to execute.

Your only other option is to use the OLE automation features of JMP to control JMP sessions via Visual Basic, Visual C++, or C#. There is a property you can set to make JMP invisible. For more details refer to the online PDF JMP Scripting Guide manual via the JMP menu Help-->Books.
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