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What are the pairs in the “each pair student’s t-test”?

I have analyzed 14 samples (named sample 1-sample 14) with 2 different methods (named method 1 and method 2).

I want to see whether there is a difference between method 1 and method 2.

The result of the measurement is concentration in ppm. The different samples have contents between 65 and 1200 ppm.

I analyzed each sample 2-3 times with method 1 and 3 times with method 2.

The leverage plot shows that there is no impact of “sample name*method”




Then I did the one way analysis by “method” and selected the each pair student t-test.





My question is: What are the pairs in the “each pair student’s t-test”? Is it all data within a given "sample name"?


Hope someone has time help me with that question.

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Re: What are the pairs in the “each pair student’s t-test”?

If I understand correctly, "each pair" is referring to each pair of methods. The mean of method 1 does does differ significantly from that of method 2. In this case, since there are only two methods tested, there is only one pair to test, so I can see why the wording might be confusing since it sounds as if you are doing multiple tests. It is worded that way because, if you had over two methods, you would need to do multiple tests (preferably Tukey's in that case), in which case it would show you the results of "comparisons for each pair using student's t-test." On that note, I like turning on the "connecting letters report" option when you have many comparisons (again, preferably using a more conservative approach like Tukey's) because those letters are, in my field, what usually make it into the publication since they show individual mean differences so clearly and obviously in most figure types.
Anderson B. Mayfield
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Re: What are the pairs in the “each pair student’s t-test”?

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my question. I highly appreciate your feed back!

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