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Understanding the Dispatch and Legend Model and what exactly is Base(0,0,0)?

My problem is two fold.


Im writing a JSL Function to create some custom charts at work. Everything is working fine. Thats great. But I dont understand why - and I am trying to break down the code. Most of I wrote myself, but some aspects I made the tweaks within JMP, copied the scripts and used the parts that generated what I needed. Some of the code chunks that get added in are intuitive to read and I can add their functionality to my vocabulary/understanding of JMP. But others are painfully non-intuitive. Couple with this the lack of working examples and absolute non existence of those code chunks in the scripting guides and Im left at a loss as to what these pieces of the puzzle do.


In summary, sure what I do works. But I dont know why some of it works and that bothers me.


For example:


Within a dispatch, when I modify the colors of points and copy the resulting code I get the following:


Legend Model(
Base( 0, 0, 0 ),
Base( 1, 0, 1 )

 etc etc.


What in the name of heck is Base(0,0,0) etc doing? Because when I remove it, it has no implications - so what was it intending to do?


Also after those base functions are finished, the following is used:


Properties( 0, {Line Color( 0 ), Marker( "X" ), Fill Color( 0 )} ), 

etc etc


Why is it that Line Color actually effects the marker color and fill color does not? And if it does not, then why is Fill Color (0) even added?


Also, when Im specifying the colors of the lines in my graph, then why does Properties(0, {Line Color(0)}), seem to act as though it sets the line color to whatever the default order of colors is, even though 0 should represent the color black?


These are very specific queries I cannot find the answer to through the JMP Guides available. 


So my last question is - how can I find answers to these kind of questions through a guide of some sort? Because not even the words 'Legend Model' are searchable in the JSL Syntax guides.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can respond to this query. 


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