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Stacking Bar Charts


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Jun 4, 2014

Attached is a bar chart that I am trying to get to stack properly.  What I want to happen is to stack the blue bars on top of the adjacent red bars.  As you can see, nor all red bars need a blue bar stacked on top of it.  Is there a way to get this to happen - I must be missing something here.  Also attached is a mocked up data table.  Thanks for any help.


Community Manager


Aug 8, 2012


With Graph Builder you can modify the bar style by selecting from the drop down under bar style.

10664_Modify Bar Style.png

See attached for details.


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Feb 10, 2013

This can be done in graph builder.  I did it by using 4 columns: Date, ABC, Data, and Type"

Date ABC Data Type

01/01/2015 A 3000 Case Rate

01/01/2015 B 2500 Case Rate

01/01/2015 C 3100 Case Rate

01/01/2015 D 2400 Case Rate

01/02/2015 A 3150 Case Rate

01/02/2015 B 3220 Case Rate

01/02/2015 C 2500 Case Rate

01/02/2015 D 3000 Case Rate

01/03/2015 A 2500 Case Rate

01/03/2015 B 3200 Case Rate

01/03/2015 C 2812 Case Rate

01/03/2015 D 1990 Case Rate

01/01/2015 B 500 Adj

01/01/2015 D 594 Adj

01/02/2015 C 300 Adj

Then nest ABC within Date on the x-axis, Data for the Y and Type for the overlay and then in the menus in the control panel select stacked. Then you can add additional spacing or lines between groups using the axis settings and other menu options.





Jul 2, 2014


I believe using Graph Builder is your best bet.

Select Case Rate and Adjustment and drag those to Y.  Select Date and drag that to X.  Select Crew and drag that to X Group.  Select bars from the icons at the top and then select Stacked for Bar Style