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Setting General Graph Preferences

Currently there is a long list of graph type and preferences in JMP13.

There are two improvements I see which would be quite helpful:

#1 A category at the top of the list called something like "Common Platform Preferences" which enables changing all the common settings across all platforms. 

#2 Being able to default preferences while editing a graph (sends current settings to Preferences of that specific platform graph being worked on at the time)


Any thoughts on usefulness and or implementations?

Super User

Re: Setting General Graph Preferences

Your #1 suggestion, I assume the JMP folks believe they are covering with the "General", "Styles" and "Fonts" preferences......If you have some more specific preferences that you see are common, that might make more of a case.


As far as you #2 suggestion, I completly agree with.  If I can use a platform, to setup the display, just the way I want, why not just make a selection to move those settings to the preferences