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SAS / JMP graphs


I am working on some Clinical data , in summary data looks like
Drug , Condition Score Method
7011 9011 1.375171937 A
7012 9012 1.2849949645 A
7013 9013 0.8529674171 A
For a Drug there can be multiple condition, One condition could through one or more than one drug,
These results are obtained by running several methods, for e-g method A , for the above results , then method B looks something like :

Drug , Condition Score Method
7011 9011 3.944658333 B
7012 9012 1.0600988396 B
7013 9013 0.9342958699 B

Bottom line, Objective is to find which is the best method which gives the best METHOD predicated results for Drug and Condition combination.
I am new to JMP , I had been working in SAS 9 for a year now
Can you someone please suggest what would be the best Graph, Analyze option to use so that I can present it well.

- SS
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