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Run JSL Invisible-Like or Minimized (JSL command)

Hi, does anyone know if there is a JSL command to run the entire JSL invisible (like) or even minimized?

By this I mean not bringing up various tables into Windows focus.  I know you can apply things like hidden and invisible to JMP tables, but I have a gazillion tables being created and used within the JSL so was wondering if there is a single JSL command that might do this at the start of the JSL code.


By doing this the script would run much faster as it would be avoiding bringing all of the tables into focus.  (which eats up time)  thx, DJ


Re: Run JSL Invisible-Like or Minimized (JSL command)

When you open a table you can add the invisible argument that prevents the table from being seen, and that will help as little.

The next thing to try is to used the private argument. The table will both be invisible and it won't have a reference that you can see or find if you didn't assign one.


Private is a little messy because you won't know the table is open, after it has been opened, so be careful give the private tables a reference and close them ( Close(dt, nosave)  ) otherwise you can fill up your memory unintentionally.


Also you can start a script with.  //!  on the first line and it will auto run.   


New window("Howdy",Textbox("This is a new window"));
Wait (10);

For example, make this script and save it. Then run it from windows. It will open an instance of JMP, show you the window and then close the instance of JMP. 


NOTE: Be careful when you're throwing around Exit() or Quit() in JSL, you might not close the instance you intended sometimes.

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